Clinical Research

At Marietta Dermatology we are committed to improving the quality of patient care through research. You do not need to be a current patient of our practice to be considered for our research studies. All visits are completed Monday thru Friday at our Main office in Marietta, located at 111 Marble Mill Rd, Marietta.
We are currently enrolling patients for the following studies:

    • Atopic Dermatitis- patients aged 18-75 with moderate to severe Atopic Dermatitis for a 6 month study with a new injectable medication
    • Psoriasis: patients aged 18 to 75 with moderate to severe Psoriasis for a 1 year study with a new pill medication- patients cannot previously have been on Otezla
    • Psoriasis: Patients aged 18 and up for a 1 year study looking at a new dosing regimen for Cosentyx. Patients cannot have previously have been on Cosentyx
    • Chronic Urticaria: patients aged 12 and up looking at a new injectable medication in comparison to Xolair. Patients cannot have previously been on Xolair.
    • Hiddrenitis Supportiva: Patients aged 18 and up looking at a new Pill treatment for HS

All study treatment and study visits are provided free of cost, and some studies reimburse for time and travel. Please contact April Brown at 770-422-1013 ext. 1041 or at